In the last 4 years, Dr. Nsofor has led 15 research projects across Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Ghana and 36 Nigerian States. Below are samples from these research projects.

Evaluation of 2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

Co-Lead for the evaluation of performance of the African Union Support to Ebola Outbreak in West Africa (ASEOWA) mission in controlling Ebola Virus Disease and restoring health services in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Evaluation of Save the Children’s CDGP Community Volunteers

National Consultant – Save the Children’s Child Development Grant Program (CDGP) Community Volunteer Qualitative Research Study in Jigawa and Zamfara States. CDGP is a five-year DFID funded programme, started in 2013. The aim is to show how cash transfers can provide cost effective improvements to nutrition and reduce stunting in young children.

Evaluation of TY Danjuma Foundation Legacy Grantees

Team Lead, evaluation of TYDF legacy grantees. The evaluation covered beneficiaries located in selected local government areas in the project states of Edo Imo, Nasarawa and Taraba, where projects were implemented. The grantees evaluated were Pro Health International, Care Vision Support Initiative (CAVSI) and Tulsi Chanrai Foundation.

Evaluation of SURE P Maternal and Child Health Project

Team Lead for the midterm (quantitative and qualitative) review of SURE-P MCH project across 6 States (Kaduna, Niger, Bauchi, Ogun, Bayelsa and Anambra) in Nigeria. The SURE-P MCH project was established to improve health service delivery for maternal and child health at the primary health care levels across Nigeria.

Evaluation of Christian Aid UK Nigeria HIV/AIDS Project

Team Lead for the end of project evaluation (quantitative and qualitative) of a project funded by Christina Aid UK Nigeria to reduce HIV- related stigma and discrimination, strengthen care and support for people living with HIV and improve their economic well-being in Plateau State and the federal capital territory, Abuja.

Evaluation of the IDSR System with Focus on Tuberculosis

This rapid assessment examined how the Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) system is currently fulfilling its core functions, particularly the current TB notification process within IDSR by public and private health facilities across 7 States in Nigeria.