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About Ifeanyi

Ifeanyi, a public health physician, project manager,  behavioral science researcher and global health equity advocate. With over 120 published articles in outlets like the Lancet, Al Jazeera and NPR. He has led 30+ research projects across West Africa. Recognized as one of the top 100 most influential Africans in 2020. He played a key role in evaluating the African Union’s response to the Ebola outbreak. A two-time TEDx speaker, two-time MOTH storyteller, and Senior New Voices Fellow at the Aspen Institute. Ifeanyi is dedicated to advancing equity health leadership globally. He is a member of the Global Fellows Advisory Board at the Atlantic Institute, Rhodes Trust, Oxford.

About Ifeanyi Nsofor

Dr. Ifeanyi McWilliams Nsofor is a graduate of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Nnamdi Azikiwe University Medical School. He is a Senior New Voices Fellow at the Aspen Institute and a Senior Atlantic Fellow for Health Equity at George Washington University. In March 2020, Ifeanyi was recognized by UK-based Onalytica to be among the Coronavirus Top 100 healthcare professionals globally. He was selected by NewAfrican Magazine as one of the 100 most influential Africans of 2020. Ifeanyi served as the CEO of EpiAFRIC and Director Policy of Policy and Advocacy at Nigeria Health Watch. Ifeanyi has been interviewed by Al Jazeera, BBC, Forbes and a host of other news outlets. Ifeanyi’s 2018 TEDxOguiRoad Talk is titled, “Without Health, We Have Nothing”. Ifeanyi is married to Omegie and they have 2 daughters (Yagazie and Chimamanda) and a 12-year old dog, Simba.


In March 2020, Ifeanyi spoke at “Exploring Media Ecosystems Conference” at the Samberg Center of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Title of his talk was “Forward this to 10 People: The epidemic of health misinformation in Nigeria”. The Conference was organized by Media Cloud – a joint project by the MIT Center for Civic Media & the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. In June 2020, he spoke at the SOAS-Oxford Research for Development Lunchtime Series Webinar. His talk was on the lessons that the global north can learn from Africa on epidemic preparedness and response to COVID-19. In February 2021, he spoke as a guest lecturer virtually to: MGHD students at the University of Global Health Equity, Rwanda and Providence College, Rhode Island, USA. The title of his talk was, “Lessons that Africa can Teach Richer Western Nations in Responding to Pandemics”.

My Videos

COVID-19 Vaccine Equity

Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor was on BBC News to discuss #COVID19 #vaccinenationalism by richer western nations, vaccine equity and what African leaders must do so we do not find ourselves again depending on richer western nations to vaccinate our people.

Moving From Epidemic Response to Epidemic Preparedness

Currently, there are more than 64 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, above 44 recoveries and almost 1.5 million deaths. The pandemic is surging in the U.S. and Europe. However, sub-Saharan African countries are responding better to COVID-19. This has confounded scientists and thought leaders.

Nigeria's Rising Maternal Mortality

The “Giving Birth In Nigeria” project looked into understanding the underlying causes of maternal deaths by developing and implementing a community reporting mechanism that captures data and the personal stories of maternal deaths.

Without Health, We Have Nothing

Millions of Nigerians face financial disaster when faced with a sudden heath crisis, as health insurance is still voluntary. Dr Ifeanyi Nsofor experienced this first hand, when his first child was born with congenital heart defects.

We are only as Prepared as our Weakest Link

Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor is the Director of Policy and Advocacy at Nigeria Health Watch. At the #PreventEpidemicsNaija​ Policy Dialogue, he explained how nobody is safe during an epidemic outbreak.

Health Equity Talk by Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor

Equity Talks provide fellows with the opportunity to reflect on what health equity and/or leadership means to them following their fellowship experience. Ifeanyi Nsofor is part of the 2019 cohort of Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity.

Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor - Atlantic Fellow for Health Equity at George Washington University

Dr Ifeanyi Nsofor, Atlantic Fellow for Health Equity US + Global, on impact of Covid-19

How to Strengthen Nigeria's Healthcare System

Nigeria plans to spend about 4.1 per cent of the 2019 budget on healthcare, a far-cry from the 15 per cent agreed on by African Heads of State in Abuja declaration of 2001. CNBC Africa’s Esther Awoniyi spoke to Ifeanyi Nsofor, Director at Nigeria Health Watch on how Nigeria can move the needle for the development of its healthcare systems.

Cholera Outbreaks Across Africa

In 2018, cholera outbreaks are raging across Africa. Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor, CEO of EpiAFRIC discusses the outbreak on TVC.

Is Nigeria's National Health Plan Evidence-Based?

On September 7, 2018, Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor, EpiAFRIC CEO was on Open Exchange West Africa Show anchored by Esther Awoniyi . They reviewed Nigeria’s 6 trillion naira National Strategic Health Development Plan. #Health4AllNaija​

5 Questions on Nigeria's National Health Insurance Scheme with Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor

Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor, Policy and Advocacy Director at Nigeria Health Watch, answers five pertinent questions about the NHIS, and shares some strategies he believes the scheme must employ to increase functionality of its programmes.


I had an opportunity to study with Dr. Ifeanyi at the University of Oxford’s Global Health Summer School. I was soon struck by Ifeanyi’s wit and intelligence and his in-depth knowledge of public health issues. He was very professional and knowledgeable when answering our questions, but also a great person to be around, huge sense of humour and personal culture. Since attending the school I have often been in touch with Ifeanyi, as we both work in international development. Ifeanyi is truly passionate about his profession and I have no doubt that he would make a great addition to any team that needs a quality medical/public health professional.
Sylvia Szabo

Assistant Professor, Development and Sustainability, Asian Institute of Technology

Dr. Nsofor, or Ifeanyi, as we’ve come to know him, was an inspiration to our class. We studied Strategic Frameworks for Non-Governmental Organizations (Harvard Kennedy School of Government), and Ifeanyi was one of our most respected collegues. His insights were highly valued, and his outstanding contributions to our class clearly demonstrated his dedication to the work he performs. It is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to endorse him as an example of excellence.
Miriam Moses

Executive Director, REBOUNDS, a building trades organization, Seattle, Washington DC

Dr. Ifeanyi successfully completed his Masters in Community Health at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. I was his tutor and the Director of the Masters. Dr. Ifeanyi was an excellent and thoughtful students who actively contributed to class debates on a range of issues. He undertook successfully qualitative primary research on HIV in Zambia for his dissertation project.
Sally Theobald

Reader in Social Science and International Health, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine


Abuja, Nigeria